November 1, 2012

Another {Shriner's} Monday

{Shriners' Mondays} are my "hard" days.
They bring with them more realization of what is in store for Jack's future...
castings, surgeries, more appointments, and etc.
Usually after monday passes I am okay.
The everyday "normals" of being a mom set in and I get thrown back into life's demands.
This week has been different.

It is already Thursday, and Monday is still lurking in my mind.
The words of "abnormal muscle, underdeveloped bones, inability to stand, and finally the dreaded possibility that lil man may not walk"... crept into our conversation between us and the doctors. 

Before monday, we hadn't discussed any other aspect of Jack's development (birth defects)
 except his clubfeet.
It was always... we will start with his feet, and then see what else we might have to do down the road.
Now, I guess we are at the stage where we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

It is hard for me.
And that is okay.

We take one day at a time... at least I force myself to try.
This week I found myself kissing the kiddos a bit more.
Letting the laundry pile a little higher, while I read an extra book... or two.
And rolling around on the ground with lil man and sis.

Lil man thinks bananas are for his hair instead of eating.
Just being silly with daddy.

These last TWO pictures crack me up. 
Lil man lights up when his dad walks into the room.
It is so fun to watch him try to do the things his "daddy" does.
 Oh how I am so grateful for time with them.

Mr. P and baby J both teach me strength and understanding.
Laughter definitely cures all.

So I laughed really hard and long in the car on the way to dinner.
I think it scared Avery a bit until she decided to join in.

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